Thursday, May 31, 2007

We're done!


And I thought the herb garden was bad. We are done and I'm very happy we're done. My body is even more happy as it HURTS. It only took until Wednesday night to finish the patio (I took the day off Tuesday but not Wednesday). We have no stairs, we have to finish trim work (wood trim we've decided, Chris we need your table saw) and there's a few little drainage problems that need tamping, but in the meantime, we are very happy to be DONE. We toasted with gingerale when we finished cleaning up last night at 9:30. Too exhausted to actually drink anything. We even hauled all the broken brick to the back so the yard is clean. YAAAY.

Pictures will follow when I am less exhausted at night. (We've been going to bed at 10 and sleeping straight through til 8) Just how long does it take to get sand out of the house.....?


  1. CONGRATS! I had thought maybe finishing the patio would become a fall project. (or maybe that's just how it works at our house (no offense honey)) I'll send that table saw right over, with the table saw shooter of course.

    I don't get called insane often - Do I lose that label if I premeditate crazy things to say just to foster that image?

  2. Table saw shooter hmmmm, maybe we'll just bring the 4 pieces of wood to your place and make 12 out of them. I fear if we tried to shoot them to you your roof might not fare so well.

    Insane? Of what do you speak? I have no memory of insanity.

  3. That's the thing about rears it's ugly head when you least expect it.

    Can't wait to see the photos!