Friday, May 25, 2007

Sand Glorious Sand

The stoneshooter was here today. We have sand! Now the fun part begins. Check out the sand shooting across the back yard.
Here's the patio before sand.

That's a big truck!!

Half the sand is in at this point, the bushes are weighted down and we are covered in sand dust. It's a good thing we took a bit of time and covered the window with a blue tarp because the sand was shooting straight onto the sliding door. We covered some of the grass with a tarp as well but should have been better prepared as we now have a large sandy area where we used to have grass. It worked much better than a wheelbarrow though. We figured out that it equaled 10,000 pounds of sand, luckily, we only have to shovel it around the patio, not from the back yard where the truck was parked.
Ok time to go shovel.....


  1. I'm hoping you are just too tired to post pictures of the finished product. Because I'm SURE you got it done, right? Maybe next time you can hire a brick shooter too to help move those big piles. Might take more than a blue tarp over the door though...

  2. Sweetheart.. you are seriously insane! But boy.. am I going to have projects for you this fall!