Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Waaay too long.....

Ok so I broke down tonight. It was a beautiful evening and I got home from work early. My sweetie was off somewhere so I decided to surprise him and cut the lawn. I think I can safely say that I have cut it for the last time this year. Yuk! It was a toss up between the gym, which I've been doing a FINE job of avoiding, and cutting the lawn for exercise. I think the lawn was harder.

We have an electric lawnmower which means you have to tug the orange extension cord around behind you. Now if you are smart or not as lazy as I am, you tie the cord from the lawnmower in a knot with the cord from the extension cord, that way, when you step on the cord (every time you back up) you don't unplug the lawnmower.
It's a good thing our lawnmower is electric, read light, because there is a lovely hill next to our house and in order to cut it, I have to take a running start and fly up the hill, then, being careful not to trod on that cord, push with all my might while walking backwards so that my feet don't get taken off by the blades coming back down. When the grass is this long it makes it doubly fun as the lawnmower clogs and starts to wheeze and choke and you have to lift it up so the clods fall out.
When I finished the hill, I had to decide whether to leave the back or cut it as well. Cutting it means taking the lawnmower down the hill around the patio and up the stairs because, of course, the "herb garden" (see below) now blocks off the hill from the back yard. What a pain, I'm glad I don't cut the grass. Having finished, I sat with more peach iced tea admiring my work. Looks good, now if only my nose would stop running.

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