Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peas in a Pan

We went to the market last weekend for fresh peas. Now understand, that in Baltimore, fresh peas only last for 3-4 weekend markets and you have to get there EARLY in order to get your stash. We walked out of the house at 7am and our neighbor Ben says "where are you guys off too so early?" We informed him that we were on our way to get peas. He assured us he and his wife would be right behind us.

We hurried off, bought our asparagus for cookbook club on Monday, then turned to look for the pea/bean guy. He'd moved! We didn't see him but we did see a long line snaking from one of the stalls. I sidled up to someone in the line and asked what he was in line for and he said PEAS!!! I jumped in line (20 or so people in front of me now) and soon Ben showed up 2 people behind me. We assured him that we would get the end of the peas as it was now 7:25 and the pea cooler was looking mighty empty. Three people in front of us the lovely pea lady dumped another cooler full of peas into the cooler, SAFE!!!!

We proceeded home with our 2lbs of peas.

My sweetie got a beautiful new pan for a present (thanks Renee) and we decided we would make the peas and onions in that pan. I got some small pearl onions. We cut one end off and boiled them for one minute, put them in ice water and POP they slid right out of their skins.


I caramelized them in some olive oil and then added the peas, a knob of butter and a splash of white wine and cooked that for about 5-7 minutes. Look at those brilliant green peas.

I added some shrimp and cooked them for about 2 minutes, turning often. Look at that beautiful pan!!!

The peas and shrimp were absolutely delicious.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who says you need to live in Door County or Washington State....

We picked cherries last night. YUM! These look a bit battered from the scoot to work but they are Tasty!!! More blogposts to come soon.