Saturday, May 5, 2007

Planting in steps

What do most people do on a Friday night? Well maybe they go out to dinner, maybe they get together with friends, maybe they mulch? I poured myself a glass of wine and proceeded to do just that.

Thursday night Ali and I went to Valley View Farms and bought all the herbs. Verrry exciting. It was hard to stop, good thing I had a list.

Friday I went for more mulch and manure. I shoveled it in and then laid the plastic sheeting on top. Apparently this is supposed to keep the weeds from popping up all over.

After laying the plastic I laid everything out to visualize how it would look. I think it looks GREAT! Here's one from the side.

Planting however was a pain because the plastic was installed. I had to move the bits of plastic out of the way, dig my hole, cut a hole in the plastic, and shove the plant through all without breaking off the stems. (Killed one of my nasturtiums this way, hopefully it will come back. Here's a few more pictures. What do you think?

The finished product. Watch it grow.

1 comment:

  1. Looks gorgeous! Wish I were there to smell it...I can just imagine.

    But I'm not too jealous. I have tomatoes sitting near the window in front of my desk, just waiting until there's no threat of frost so I can plant them.

    There's a warm breeze coming in the window which is spreading their tangy scent all over the place. Yummm. Spring really is beautiful.