Monday, March 24, 2008

It's coming!!!

The daffidols are up and the tulips are approaching 6 inches. I guess that means that spring is in the air. Walked to Sherwood Gardens today and their tulips are even shorter than ours, but the magnolias are popping and asparagus season is upon us. I went yesterday and cleared the leaves from my garden and I have sorrel sprouting so now I am making cream of asparagus and sorrel soup. After the long winter of only getting rosemary, thyme and sage out of the garden it was a joy to see everything coming back. Here is what is coming back in the garden:
  • Three kinds of thyme
  • Two kinds of rosemary
  • Two kinds of oregano
  • Three kinds of mint
  • Bronze fennel (why oh why did I rip up the other one?)
  • The sorrel
  • Chives
  • Maybe the chamomile, it's hard to tell
  • Some miserable Italian parsley that needs replanting
  • The sage, though it dearly needs trimming
  • And of course the lavendar which also needs a trim.

I have the weekend of the 19th penciled in to start enlarging the garden. Looking forward to it.