Tuesday, May 8, 2007

So what's next....

I think there must be something in the air in spring that makes you want to do stuff. Yesterday morning (yes Monday) found me on my hands and knees at 8am scrubbing the hardwood floors. The stairs looked dirty, what can I say. At least it wasn't in high heels this time.

The weather here in Baltimore has just been fantastic. We've had cool nights in the 50's and days around 65-70. It could stay like this all year round as far as I'm concerned.

The herb garden is in and I've even remembered to water it. The fennel and the sorrel are really starting to grow, unless I'm imagining things. I've put some flowers in pots around the patio so it looks nice and best of all the azaelas are in bloom.

When we first moved into the house I was charmed by our little patio, we went out and got the grill and the patio furniture and enjoyed it all summer. The next May I was shocked, amazed and pleased to see how the azaelas bloomed. We have a beautiful compliment of them. I can't take the credit, but at least I get to sit out on my patio and appreciate. :-) That's where the nice glass of white wine and the umbrella comes in handy.

So what next? We're gearing up for Memorial Day weekend when we'll put pavers on the patio. Take a look at what we have and you'll see why we are putting down the brick. The concrete is all corroded and looks really bad. We'll put stone dust down on top of it, tamp it down and then lay the pavers on top and spread sand. It's going to be quite the adventure. At least it's all framed out and we're getting the Stoneshooters to put the stone dust right on the patio.

And here's the brick. I think it's going to look great.

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