Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mad for an herb cookbook

We've been eating almost exclusively this last week from an herb cookbook that actually came out years ago. I've mentioned the Herbfarm Restaurant before (my dream), but never really explored the cookbooks 'til now. Here is the first.

We've made sooo many good things from this book in the last week. Traunfeld features my favorite herb (sorrel) in sooo many ways. I made a green risotto that was filled with herbs (yes sorrel too). My S/O is getting into it too. He made the herbed foccacia (he is the bread man) and baked herb buttermilk chicken. He has another book out called The Herbal Kitchen, that's next on my list. Can one get sick of herbs? With the garden really taking off, it's fun to cut large handfuls of herbs to make dinner. So now that Traunfeld has left the restaurant, it's up to me to make the recipes. I can't wait for the tomatoes to start. Oh and Coralie, I want you to make the Lemon Verbena Ice Cream....


  1. Now this sounds like a cookbook you should own... and I should check out at the library. I have a mad amount a fennel and no clue what to do with it. And can you eat thyme once it's begun to flower? So many questions...

    PS. Sorry we missed your call the other evening. I'll try to catch you later tonight, or Friday after work.


  2. Laughs, I checked out the cookbook at the library while I "consider" buying it. Such a librarian!!! Fennel comes in 2 types, the bulb kind and the stalk kind. I have the stalk kind of bronze fennel in my garden. There are tons of recipes for the bulb kind. The stalk kind you can cook with the flowers and seeds, but if you want to use the stalk kind you have to use it VERY small.

    As for thyme, yes you can even eat the flowers, doesn't need to be pinched off. Traunfeld recommends doing a big chop back after it flowers which I am desperately waiting to do as mine is in full bloom and is 2 feet around, waaay too big for my little garden. Heading to LA on Friday, won't be home :-) Thanks for writing.


  3. I finally got a chance to check out this blog, Finn has been telling me about it! I love it! and who doesn't love herb ... lol

  4. I can't wait for the Herbal Kitchen Cook Book club!