Monday, June 2, 2008

Mostly in!

So I have all but a couple of my herbs in and have been profiting from the herb garden. The thyme has gone wild this year but the rosemary is definitely being consumed by the mint in the pot so if I ever finish digging the addition to the garden (poor tomato plants, they reallllly want to be in the ground) I will transplant the rosemary to a happier spot.

I got my nasturtiums finally, had to drive all the way out to Valley View again as they just didn't have the right ones at Greenfields, but I put some of the greens in a salad today along with some of the sorrel. Burgers and salad after a bike ride, mmmmm. Made a lovely vinagrette using the Lemon Thyme that Renee reminded me I had growing. Hadn't used it in a year I think. YUM.

I think I counted 5 tomato flowers and one pepper. Should have veggies soon!!! Last night we went to a friend's for dinner. She found the peas at the Waverly market, I missed them :-( Next week I'm getting peas!!!! Her risotto with peas and asparagus was divine, not to mention the excellent lamb chops. It is cool and lovely and life is good.


  1. Wait a minute...Joanne's saying "yum" to salad? What have you done with my friend!