Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tomatoes growing, life is good

The garden got planted last weekend. What an effort. I enlarged it by a third so I could put more tomatoes in. Last year I put the tomatoes in behind the azeleas but that didn't work so well so expanding the herb garden out made more room. I think my chamomile likes it's new home better than buried under the rosemary.

I'd show you but I'm having issues with my stupid camera. But as you can see, the fennel is growing like crazy (and coming up all over the place too) and the herbs are taking off. I've planted a second lavendar to the right so there will be a lavendar frame for the garden. The other lavendar has taken over the left of the garden, but the sage is fighting it. My thyme is beautiful, it has purple flowers and is 2 feet around. I've been putting thyme in everything as you can imagine. I have 6 tomato plants in. I thought I had a 7th, a volunteer, but it seems to have gone missing. The tomato plants are up to over 2 feet now and I think there's a little tomato on one. Sooooo slow.

So I've been invited to join a cookbook club. It should be interesting. Renee has her blog called Wine Bread Cheese and she says she's going to blog our cookbook club. The first book is Friday. It's called Fish w/out a Doubt. I am in charge of appetizers. Now I just have to go check out the book (yes, from the library, if they had it) Hopefully I'll get to use my herbs.

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