Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carmel Pear Terrine

I bought my first Martha Stewart Living Magazine last week. We went to the Barnes & Noble to hang out and drink coffee in the rain and I got stuck. There was this wonderful looking recipe for pear terrine which just sounded fantastic. (BTW here's the recipe) I borrowed Chris' mandoline (yes, yes, we'll get one soon) and got started.

I love when you have to coat the bottom of a pan with caramel. You swirl in this beautiful deep amber syrup and the hard candy shell is like making glass.
She says to use a charlotte mold. I used a souffle pan instead and thought it worked great. She also calls for it to be served with blue cheese. Since we were bringing this to Jake and Mandy's for dessert we decided to give people a choice and I brought along some stilton and my sweetie made homemade ginger, fireweed honey and toasted pecan ice cream. The girls chose the cheese, the guys the ice cream (well, the girls actually chose both). While this recipe took quite a while to make, it was definitely worth it. Make sure the pears are still slightly green as mine were too soft and we had to reduce the cooking time by about 20 minutes. We also boiled the syrup for 20-25 minutes instead of the five she called for as we wanted the syrup to be very viscous. The carmel pear taste was intense.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. I'm inspired.

  2. It was quite good. I did not take a picture of my finished product, it slumped a bit to one side, but I do have to wonder how many Martha had to do before hers was perfect. Note: next time make sure the pears are even on the bottom!!!