Monday, October 13, 2008

Vermont Weekend

We had 5 lovely days on our annual pilgrimage to Vermont. Understand that Vermont for me means cooking and eating and leaf and tourist peeping. Attached are a few photos taken by Tam that express some of the delightful experiences I had in VT.

Sheep Being Shipped for Slaughter
Yes we had lamb on Saturday night for dinner.... mmmm tasty. Tam grows her own potatoes and they seem to have an addiction to my feta mashed potatoes, so good with lamb!!! Pair that with the growler of Brewer's Art Resurrection that we hauled up there from Baltimore and we were in 7th heaven.

The water buffalo from whence came the caprese salad (lunch today)

After stopping to get the buffalo mozzarella and stocking up on small batch maple syrup we headed to Singleton's store for the best bacon in the world. Cob smoked bacon, 25 lbs from the surly Vermonters that work there. Yes Josh, you'll get your share next weekend.

Plymouth Cheese (nasty nasty stuff)

Next time we're sticking to the Cabot and Lazy Lady cheese while in VT, but this cheese maker (Frog City Cheese) was located on the Calvin Coolidge homestead so we tried it. They are purported to be using one of the oldest cheese recipes in the country. The landscape was gorgeous gorgeous, the cheese, nicht ser gut! We tried to find 3 other cheese places, but nothing is very well marked in Vermont. Yes we did have to haul our butts up Camel's Hump to work off some of that food. Oof!

More fall foliage photos:

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