Monday, April 23, 2007

What a weekend!!!

Well, I didn't actually draw up plans, finish measuring the yard or come up with brilliant ideas of what to do with the ivy. What I did do was spend three days gardening in the gorgeous weather, and what do I get? My front yard looks a bit nicer but my fingernails are shot.

We cut down a lot of dead limbs and pulled a lot of weeds, but it seems like for every weed you pull, 17 take its place. I think I must have spent 6 hours a day in the yard and it barely looks touched, very discouraging. My neighbors firmly believe in the "natural" way of killing weeds (pull them out on your knees). I gave this a try, I think I'm breaking down and using the weed and feed. At least my tulips are not hidden anymore and I'm getting a tan :-)

Talked to my neighbor about the fence the other day too. He's not against a fence between the yards which is always a good thing when putting up a fence. He also said "and I've got a wheelbarrow, a cement mixer and a post hole digger just for you". Oh good.

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