Friday, April 27, 2007

It's raining, It's pouring

The grass is still growing and the rain has come. It was so beautiful when I stepped out on the patio this morning in my raincoat. You could hear the pitterpatter of the raindrops on the new leaves and the light was all soft. Some day I'll get to Ireland and really experience the soft. Though if it's anything like my "soft" vacation to Seattle, it will probably be 85 and sunny the whole time, who's complaining.

My crabapple is in bloom and I'm very happy about it. Last year it got cedar-apple rust which is a fungus from a juniper tree so this year I have to spray it twice with lime-sulpher, once before the buds come out (yaay I did it) and once when the blossoms are done. Hopefully in a week if they last that long. I like the fact that lime-sulpher is a natural cure and not chemical. Though I'm still not going to pull every dandelion up from the grass by hand.

This weekend I'm not planning on any gardening. If I'm lucky I'll get to the store and get the herbs I want to put in. I was informed that if I got the herb garden in and kept it weeded that would be a great goal for the summer. Some people know me more than I know myself. ;-)

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