Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The first post

I live in the beautiful community of Evergreen in Roland Park. No it's not in the Lake District of England, (I wish) but in Baltimore. It's a gorgeous little neighborhood with Victorian houses and duplexes. I'm hoping that this blog will inspire me to rip apart my garden and remake it. Dreammmmms! Anyway, I have an awful plot of grass right now as the yard is quite shady. This is what I have to work with:
  1. Two gorgeous trees in the back corners of the yard.
  2. A cute little crab apple that must stay.
  3. A scrappy dogwood that is half dead ( I cut the ivy off of it last year)
  4. A couple of wild cherries that absolutely MUST go.
  5. Lots and lots and lots of ivy, I'm invaded by ivy.
  6. I've also got this japonaica bush which I stupidly planted in a stump last year, poor thing needs to be moved.

So I figure I have to come up with pretty shade gardens unless I cut down my big 70 year old trees (not going to happen). I went onto IVillage today. They have these great plans from country living. Take a look:

You can limit by zone and everything on this site. I figure a few pot gardens. I like the tea one. An herb area (yeah I know, sun!) and then lots of hostas and maybe some crush & run paths. I hate my dead grass!

I'm guessing I'm going to have to start with a rototiller....

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