Friday, December 5, 2008

Long time no keep

I made Thai chicken basil for dinner on Wednesday night and wanted to put bean sprouts in to the mix. When I went to the store I found that bean sprouts now come in restaurant sized packages of about 2lbs. Now I don't mind having 2lbs of bean sprouts but what with take out last night and working late tonight, the bean sprouts were not going to get eaten. I took to "The Google" and found out that the Japanese keep their bean sprouts in water in the refrigerator and change the water every two days. I'm giving it a try, has anyone ever done this? If it doesn't work, I'll let you know. Going to use them Sunday.


  1. It totally worked, crisp beansprouts after 6 days. Yaaay

  2. The google reigns supreme! Thats awesome! and ps- You've been tagged!