Monday, November 24, 2008

Bread Day

Have I told you that my sweetie makes bread? I am a lucky woman as he makes glorious, fabulous, wonderful bread from scratch all winter long. Well, technically it's not winter yet, but here, when it is 36 as a high, (ok you Wisconsinites, stop scoffing!) winter has kicked in full force and yesterday he kicked in full force on the bread as well.

When we were in Vermont last month he bought a big bag of semolina flour from King Arthur and he pulled it out yesterday. He has a lovely recipe that he makes as our everyday loaf but he must have been bored with it as he grabbed the Beranbaum Bible, plunked it in front of me and said "pick 2" so I picked the seminola torpedo and the Levy rye bread which we changed a bit by adding some rosemary from the garden to the recipe as we only had 1/2 the caraway called for. (caution, do not use this book without looking at the errata on her site).

Both, as you can see from the pictures, turned out delicious and paired perfectly with leftovers from the night before.

I also began a sourdough starter. I had made one a few years back which turned out reallly good breads but I didn't "feed the bitch!"and she went away. If you're interested in a chunk, let me know.


  1. We were talking about bread this morning. We need a refresher lesson since we haven't tried since last winter.

  2. Me, Me, Me! Can you see me raising my hand for starter?

  3. Thanks for the mention. Hope you had a great time in Vermont, and hope you will come back soon.

    Happy Baking!

    MaryJane @ King Arthur Flour

  4. Starter failed, just starting over tomorrow :-(