Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My sweetie is on a pizza kick. We've been eating a lot of pizza in the last few weeks and I decided to change it up a bit and make Stromboli. Note that some stromboli's are made with ham, but I love me some Italian sausage so we decided to go that route.

Since he was home and I was not, he made the sauce, playing with the Rhulman's 20 book (yes we've still got the book) and he also made the dough, using the whey from a ricotta that he had made instead of water. It was a very fragrant and elastic dough.

I asked for advice from my coworkers and they said I should add spinach, so here you see the sauce and mozzarella/parmesan mixture with some spinach sauteed in garlic and some raw sweet onion over it.

I had cooked the Italian Sausages already and sliced them very thin. Many many rounds of Italian sausage went on the stromboli. Then I topped that with more Parmesan/mozzarella mixture.

Flipped up the sauce side, pressing it down and folding the bottom edge over the top. I debated putting in a steam vent but left it alone.

It cooked in a lovely 425 degree oven for 15 minutes and came out golden brown perfection. Notice Elizabeth, I put the sprig of cilantro on it to add some green ;-)

The finished product, gooey, rich deliciousness. Perfect with a beer on a weeknight .


  1. Peter is doing atkins. My dinner was a hotdog on a plate.

  2. Heyyyy we had hot dogs with leftover curry on them for dinner the other night so I know how it feels. The lettuce wilts more each day in the fridge.

  3. hahah that is one nice sprig of cilantro!!